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About Swati Spentose

Swati Spentose Pvt. Ltd., part of the V group, is a pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai. It has a 50 year old established history behind it, and has clients in over 60 countries worldwide. With multiple API and intermediate manufacturing sites in Vapi (Gujarat) and its forays into selling its own finished formulations, SSPL is fully integrated for its key products, making it an excellent partner of choice for companies looking at highest levels of quality, compliance and price.

The company’s flagship site, SSPL Unit 1, is fully compliant with all major regulatory authorities worldwide, and has been inspected thrice by the US FDA. SSPL places a strong emphasis on maintaining highest regulatory standards and environmental compliance. It has been at the forefront of minimizing pollution in Vapi, Gujarat, and has zero-effluent-disposal capabilities.

Our Leaders

Vishal N. Jajodia,
Managing Director

Mr. Vishal Jajodia is the new age social entrepreneur specializing in areas of neglected and orphan diseases. He has 25 years of experience in the industry and has held important positions in export promotion councils under the ministry of commerce and has participated in policy forming committees. He has had a drug discover informatics company during the early 2000’s and has done several projects related to proteomics, genomics and drug target identification using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

Currently his flagship company M/s Swati Spentose Pvt. Ltd. with a manufacturing base out of Vapi has invested over USD 20 million across manufacturing and research platforms, including launching and promoting new health solutions in debilitating diseases in urology and nephrology, with research sponsored at prestigious Mt Sinai School of Medicine, New York – USA.

They have for the first time in the world, launched a generic drug where the treatment cost was USD 25000, and only available in the US for over 20 years and now have made the same available in India and 4 more countries at approximately 1200 USD (5% of the originator). They also currently hold patents on diseases related to kidney where presently there are no medicines available to suffering patients. They are also working on rare diseases like Mucopolysaccharidosis which is bone inflammation leading to dwarfism.

He is committed to harnessing new business models of social entrepreneurship to develop community shared value formats as originally conceptualized by global thought leaders like Michael Porter.

He also has several environmental initiatives, again harnessing community shared value business models, across corporate farming, water conservation and environmentally sustainable industrialization in symbiotic relation with villagers leading to rubinazation (rural urbanization)

Swati V. Jajodia,
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Swati Jajodia is the head of Swati Spentose’ s key marketing efforts, responsible for the meteoric rise of the company. Hailing from an illustrious textile family, she is now deeply involved in the pharmaceutical business, which was destined to happen after her marriage to Mr. Vishal Jajodia. Starting her career at the age of 16 while pursuing her studies in Sydenham college, she realized that work was her foremost passion, and that business was deeply entwined in her DNA . After graduating with a B. Com. Degree, she went on to pursue law from the Government Law College (Mumbai), and followed it up with an MBA in Finance from the Newport University, California.

Having been brought up in a very disciplined environment, while at the same time growing with virtues of everyday existence like integrity and humility, she started operating the family pharmaceutical business in a similar manner, thereby catapulting the company as one of the most reliable and honest organisations to work with.

With a conscious vision of providing a level playing field to women, she groomed the young as well as senior women in the organization for top-most positions within the company, thereby empowering them to lead various segments of business which they were a part of.

Swati had a belief since many years that “Every suffering patient should be provided a solution at affordable prices if the same is available anywhere in the world“. She believed in it so much that it became a reality with the launch of COMFORA, a treatment for Interstitial Cystitis, a neglected and orphan disease across the world. The Jajodias have indigenously researched and manufactured this product for India and for the rest of the world. This unrivalled passion is the driving force to work hard and make their company name synonymous with a research driven, premier solution provider for orphan and neglected diseases.

Focus on quality

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have.

Unit I

World Class Facility inspected by USFDA and approved by COFEPRIS Mexico, Korean MFDS, WHO-GMP certified; complying with latest global cGMP & ICH guidelines as per all international regulatory agencies such as MHRA, PMDA, EDQM, TGA, MCC.
SSPL Unit 2

Unit II

Approved by PMDA (Japan) and certified by WHO-GMP. Significant competitive edge in pricing while maintaining highest levels of quality standards. Selling to top 100 listed and private pharmaceutical companies in India.

Environmental Compliance

One of the best effluent treatment compliant facilities in Vapi, appreciated and inspected by Pollution Board. Up to date records of quantitative and qualitative data of each ETP tank.